Hiring Social Media Marketing Managers

A vital organ in our organisational success is the Social Media Marketing Manager. When hiring social media marketing managers there are many traits and skills we need to look for if we desire success. We need to ensure that the person representing our company in the digital world is cut out for the job. Here are some things to look for when hiring social media marketing managers:


A good reputation

A good reputation does not always mean someone who is estabished in the field. New graduates with good reputations within their faculty can also be great staff. They are often more malleable and teachable as they are fresh to the industry. Employing new staff with good reputations is key no matter their level of experience. If you can find someone with a good reputation internationally it will have a great impact on your organisation.


Good technical ability

Nowdays, we need staff who can go beyond Microsft Word and Excel. The digital world is ever developing and while AI can do many tasks your staff still need to be techincally skilled. Social media managers in particular should be familiar with many social media platforms, basic website devlopment and have good typing abilities. New skills such as understanding SEO, understanding Google Analytics and graphic design are needed.


Communication skills are key

When we consider who to hire for the role, we need to select someone with great communication skills. This may seem obvious but many great brands have been let down due to this lack of oversight. Your social media marketing managers are the face of your organisation and will constantly interact with stakeholders and clients. You should carefully evaulate their communication skills online and in the physical realm. If you are the hiring manager for Wendys’ social media team however, feel free to ignore this advice.

hiring social media marking learning development professional
It is important to value further development.


The desire to be constantly learning

When we take on new social media managers we need to ensure that they have a desire to learn and develop. Social media does not remain stagnant – it is an ever changing landscape. We need to find managers who are willing and wanting to keep up with trends, develop new skills and consider changes that may need to be made. They may want to attend courses or just read up on digital and social media changes. There are some great books for learning more about AI, technology and the ever changing landscapes of today and tomorrow.


An understanding of marketing fundamentals

Many organisations suffer because they forget who they are hiring. Not a social media manager but a social media marketing manager. They should have a basic understanding of marketing, as well as the ability to apply these same principals in a way that assists you with your vision and strategic goals. There are many well educated people teaching marketing online, so there is no need to find someone with a Master’s degree. Experience or a desire to learn will do just as well provided some knowledge and practical skill is there.


A good fit

Once it is all said and done you need to ensure that you are hiring a social media marketing manager who suits your organisation and its needs. If you work for a large white collar consultancy company then perhaps a motorbike enthusiast with face tattoos is not a good fit for you. Find someone who can connect to your target audience and who will understand their needs and desires. This will help them market your organisation well.


Hiring new staff is never easy, and in a new role such as a social media marketing manager there is no real rulebook. You need to trust your instincts and find someone who you think will be a great asset to your organisation. That, above all, is the most important quality to look for.


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